Council's Solar Plans Face Criticism

Published on by Richmond Merrett (author)

Nature Reserve Map  (photo: )

Nature Reserve Map

Hastings Borough Council's plan to build a solar park have not been welcomed

No-Deal Could Mean Special Permits to Drive in the EU

Published on by Adam Redondo Pearce (author)

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The government is warning that in a no-deal Brexit, motorists could need a special permit to drive in the EU.

Hastings man guilty of domestic violence walks free

Published on by Aishah Rahman (author)

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A man from Hastings walks free after being found guilty for domestic violence assault on a woman

Cost of Potholes to bring a whole lot of trouble

Published on by Josh House (author)

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Today is national pothole day, i might sound dull but it's a problem that could cost The County Council millions.

Knife Crime epidemic spreads across Britain

Published on by Ayobami Adeyemo (author)

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Police attempt to combat the rapidly spreading growth of knife offences across the country.