Lights in Hastings

Published on by Harry Boni (author)

Hastings Town (photo: UoB)

Hastings Town

A bright idea to save £400,000 will see thousands of energy-saving bulbs installed in the boroughs street lamps.

Support rallied against plan to scrap morning London train

Published on by Brendan Husebo (author)

southeastern train (photo: Brendan Husebo)

southeastern train

Both sides of the local political divide have added clout to a campaign to save a morning commuter service to London being withdrawn.

Brighton i360 tower loses £15m funding

Published on by Hayley Morris (author)

i360 (photo: )


The council have withdrawn their £15m loan for the Marks Barfield i360 tower project.

Police are still searching for young female attacker

Published on by Aakash Nath (author)

sussex police (photo: )

sussex police

A young woman, who attacked a 47-year-old woman in Hastings, has not yet been found by police.

NHS sparks criticism over plans to sell patient data

Published on by Saffron Alexander (author)

Signatures  (photo: )


From March, drug and insurance companies will be able to buy patient data from a newly created nationwide medical database.