Hastings Students Encourage 'Disengaged Generation' to Vote

Published on by Darcey Haynes (author), Darcey Haynes (photographer)

Volunteers count ballot papers at Horntye Park (photo: Darcey Haynes)

Volunteers count ballot papers at Horntye Park

In a seemingly disinterested generation, university students state the importance to vote.

Are people wasting their degree potential?

Published on by Nadine Vieira (author)

 (photo: Nadine Vieira)

Hastings Campus students are disappointed with their nightlife compared to the other University campuses.

Published on by Zoe Thompson (author)

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Article on the disappointed University of Brighton students at the Hastings Campus

Mental Health Help needed for Hastings

Published on by Lauren Roberts (author)

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East Sussex presents some of the most damning mental health related statistics across the entire country. Nearly 15% of adults living in the borough of Hastings are known to be suffering from depression at this time. This comes as no surprise when the latest figures show that Hastings is the most deprived borough in East Sussex, and is host to the seven most deprived wards in East Sussex.

Malaysian Invasion at Komedia

Published on by Liyanna Bt Mohamed Zulkifli (author)

Brighton Malaysian Festival (photo: Liyana Zulkifli)

Brighton Malaysian Festival

Komedia turned into a Mini Malaysia, as 200 Malaysian students gathered there for the Brighton Malaysian Festival.