Letters claiming children are overweight sparks outrage among parents

Published on by Emily Williamson (author)

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Parents in East Sussex are criticising their local council after receiving letters informing them of their children's BMI, calling some 'very overweight' and 'a minority'.

Winkle Club to Give Local Causes Bigger Grants

Published on by Reece Webb (author)

2016 was one of the Winkle Club's most successful years  (photo: )

2016 was one of the Winkle Club's most successful years

The Old Town charity, the Winkle Club has seen an unexpected rise in donations over 2016, meaning larger grants for local causes in Hastings.

Anger Over Care Home Closures

Published on by Rebecca Wheeler (writer)

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Anger levels have risen as more than fifty vulnerable elderly people are being forced to find alternative placements after two care homes in St. Leonard’s are set to close in March.

60 seconds: Daily Showbiz Shot

Published on by Darcey Haynes (author)

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Don't have time to ferociously scroll through Daily Mail? Brighton Broadcaster has your back! Here's a shot-sized dose of celebrity gossip!

National Winnie the Pooh Day

Published on by Jonaqline Addai (author), Lauren Roberts (author)

Photo by Kim Raymond (photo: )

Photo by Kim Raymond

Today 18th January 2017, on the birthday of Milne the creator of the Honey loving Bear Pooh ,the world celebrates Winnie the Pooh day.