Furry friend or my extended family?

Published on by Ryan Daly (author)

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According to a new survey, UK pet owners see themselves more as parents to our furry friends compared to our US counterparts.

Sports with Megan Reeves and Aimee Carney

Published on by Aimee Carney (author), Megan Reeves (author)

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It's been another interesting week in Sports, with success, controversy and achievements.

Drug Usage Rife Amongst Sussex Students

Published on by Holly Doran (author)

Students at Brighton and Sussex universities are among the highest drug takers in the country, according to a national survey.

Crowhurst historian slams English Heritage over Battle of Hastings plans

Published on by Daniel King (author)

Tapisserie de Bayeux - Scène 57 : La mort d'Harold (photo: )

Tapisserie de Bayeux - Scène 57 : La mort d'Harold

Nick Austin says English Heritage have failed in their duties to historic monuments

Martin Luther King Jr is remembered on MLK day

Published on by Iara Kaiser (author)

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On Martin Luther King day, thousands commemorate the iconic civil rights activist who revolutionised American History.