Naked stunt held on Hastings beach

Published on by Luke Withers (author)

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A flash mob stripped on Hastings beach yesterday

Gay people in Hastings want better treatment at work

Published on by Jordan Hogan (author)

Rings (photo: Jordan Hogan)


Local LGB say that they would like their employers to be more ‘gay friendly’ after seeing Stonewall’s report last week.

Police to offer awareness courses for drivers breaking 20mph limit

Published on by Chris Flynn (author)

Hastings 20MPH Zone (photo: )

Hastings 20MPH Zone

New speed awareness courses will be offered specifically to motorists who are caught speeding in 20mph zones by Sussex Police

Hastings is the ninth best place to live and work

Published on by Aakash Nath (author)

Recycling Bin In University Of Hastings (photo: )

Recycling Bin In University Of Hastings

Yahoo finance worked this out by looking at the different statistics from the Centre for cities report.

Hastings Councillor deems badger cull obscene

Published on by Bridey Swarbrick (author)

Badger Cull (photo: )

Badger Cull

Phil Scott, Cllr for Hollington and Wishing Tree, has criticised East Sussex County Council for not banning the badger cull sooner.