International Coffee Day Wakes Up Brighton

Published on by Christina Fairhurst (author)

Today is International Coffee Day!

International Coffee Day Wakes Up Sussex

Published on by Danny Ayala (author)

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International Coffee Day 2019

Parking Chaos in Aldi traps drivers

Published on by Chris Dabbs (author), Kelly Wong (author)

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Drivers were trapped for over thirty minutes in the new Aldi car park on Lewes Road as road works prevented them from leaving. There were calls from the police to control the traffic as tempers flared.

Storms cause marine mammals to wash up on Sussex beaches

Published on by Phoebe Doolan (author)

washed up whale (photo: )

washed up whale

Dolphins and seals have been left stranded on beaches in Sussex due to weather conditions.

Yellow warnings in place in Brighton as Hurricane Lorenzo looms

Published on by Jack Oliver (author)

The Extent of Hurricane Lorenzo (photo: )

The Extent of Hurricane Lorenzo

The Met Office warnings extend to the majority of England and Wales as Hurricane Lorenzo storms the UK.