Warnings of dog deaths leads to owners taking extra care at Sussex beauty spots.

Published on by Rachel Mckenzie (author), Jonaqline Addai (editor)

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The recent death of a dog on the cliff side of beachy head has lead for national Charity RNLI to put out a warning about dog safety along the beach.

Price Hike Looming for Hastings Residents

Published on by Reece Webb (author), Jonaqline Addai (editor)

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Residents in Hastings are facing a double financial blow this year with proposals to increase council tax and parking charges. Hastings Borough Council have unveiled proposals for its budget up until 2020, forecasting 'difficult choices' ahead.

The Battle of Litter in Hastings.

Published on by Rebecca Wheeler (author), Jonaqline Addai (editor)

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Littering in Hastings can get you a three figure fine.Our Reporter Rebecca Wheeler finds out the impact littering the streets of Hastings could have.

Vinyl records are a sound purchase.

Published on by Zoe Thompson (author), Jonaqline Addai (editor)

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Vinyls could become a billion pound industry,but are they up to scratch to withstand the digital revolution?Our reporter Zoe Thompson went to get the full spin.

Bad Luck or a Load of Muck? Friday the 13th

Published on by Darcey Haynes (editor), Sylvia Kusnierz (author)

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Friday the 13th, unlucky or just a load of rubbish? Our reporter Sylvia Kusnierz met Hastings local witch, Kev, to find out more...