Brighton city council to discuss controversial taxi app

Published on by Catherine Delves (author), Grainne Connolly (author)

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Brighton and Hove council meet today to consider Uber’s application for a licence in the city.

Residents call for Amber Rudd to stop tax cuts.

Published on by Oli Birch (author), Daniel King (author)

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Hastings residents demand Amber Rudd to stop tax cuts.

Hastings Herring Fair returns

Published on by Iara Kaiser (author), Chloe Garnham (author)

Hastings Fishery (photo: Chloe Garnham)

Hastings Fishery

The popular Herring Fair in Hastings returns yet again to the old towns’ centre this month.

Southern Rail Unizone fares cause anger and confusion amongst Hastings students

Published on by Ryan Daly (author), Re Poko (author)

Unizone Meeting (photo: Stephen Richardson)

Unizone Meeting

Promises from Southern Rail to extend the Brighton Unizone to Hastings have caused confusion to arise among students.

Uber taxis apply to operate in Brighton and Hove

Published on by Helen Westgarth (author), Meg Reeves (author)

Brighton and Hove debate Uber application (photo: )

Brighton and Hove debate Uber application

Brighton could be the tenth city in the UK to join the global phenomenon of Uber.