The vinyl record is spinning its way back into fashion

Published on by Luke Withers (author)

vinyl (photo: luke withers)


In the UK, this year’s accredited vinyl sales came in at around 1.2m, more than 50% up on last year.

Sussex Police want you to feel Safer

Published on by Moinique Chambers (author)

Nick Marriott, Sussex Police Patrol Officer (photo: Monique Chambers)

Nick Marriott, Sussex Police Patrol Officer

How Sussex police plan on making Hastings and St Leonard's a better place for locals.

Council to face crippling cuts

Published on by Tom Howard (author)

Hastings Borough Council (photo: Tom Howard)

Hastings Borough Council

Hastings Borough Council has been given the maximum reduction of Government funding for 2015/16

UPDATE: Zhao Jun wins Hastings International Chess Congress

Published on by Jordan Hogan (author)

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Chinese national Zhao Jun won the International Chess Congress in Hastings with 8 out of 9 points.

Hastings International Chess Tournament wraps up, but fears for it’s future.

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Chess (photo: Jonathan Lowe )


The historic competition concludes this evening with China’s Grand Master Zhao Jun set to win, but future funding doubt could dampen celebrations