Sussex Police Receiving More Domestic Abuse Calls

Published on by Bridey Swarbrick (author)

Sussex Police received more calls than usual relating to domestic abuse during the Christmas period.

Calls to change sex and relationship education

Published on by Hayley Morris (author)

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Many are worried that current sex and relationship advice in schools is not relevant enough in today’s society

Katy Bourne calls for precept rises

Published on by Annabelle Monks (author)

Justin Lycett (photo: )

Justin Lycett

The Police and Crime Commissioner for Sussex has released that she has proposed plans to raise council tax in the area

Hastings residents deemed “unhappy” by nationwide survey

Published on by Saffron Alexander (author)

Survey by Centre for cities (photo: )

Survey by Centre for cities

A survey created by the Centre for Cities has branded Hastings the unhappiest urban city in Great Britain

Home office wants to ban teenagers from smartphones

Published on by Aakash Nath (author)

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The government is considering preventing young teenagers from owning smartphones because of “sexting.” They believe it’s a form of cyber bullying