Hastings bonfire 2017

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Processions and parades took to the seafront of Hastings on Saturday night, curtsy of Hastings Borough Bonfire Society, the bonfire is always hosted a week before the anniversary of the 1066 battle. The society is ran entirely from volunteers who work throughout the year fundraising and planning for the event.

 The annual bonfire was anticipated to have its biggest turn out so far due over 50 societies and bands attending, with the promise of mild weather. A local who attended last years procession said “Last year was the 950th anniversary of the battle so I feel like it was slightly more celebrated, but it was still enjoyable.”

 The community was brought together with the “Guy Competition”, whereby life-size stuffed Guy Fawkes were created by locals, later to be burned on the bonfire. Winners were awarded over the telephone with the guarantee of free merchandise. 

 People turned out from all across East Sussex to see the bonfire, I spoke to Caroline, a Nurse from North London who explained

 “It’s really nice to get out the city and come to a nice town, you don’t get this where I live”.

 Hastings old town was flooded with festive people who kept the pubs and bars busy until the early hours of the morning. The businesses continued to be active for the duration of Sunday, with the small shops, pubs and restaurants being fully booked.

A worker at a local fish and chip shop explained, “Its usually quite busy on Sundays anyway, but its definitely been quite manic today, especially because the weather is nice.” 

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