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From the minute-long trailer, it seems as if the film will follow on from exactly where it finished in the 2004 original, where a new villain was introduced and also where the audience found out Baby Jack Jack (The youngest of the family) also had superpowers when he used them against super villain Buddy pine, after he was kidnapped. It appears from sequel trailer that Baby Jack Jack has more than one super power. Not only does he shoot laser eyes, he can ignite into flames and also fire lightening. In the trailer, we also see when Mr Incredible find out about baby Jack-Jack powers, to his surprise.


Disney originally announced the sequel in 2015, for it to be released in 2019, but fortunately for hardcore fans the release date has been pushed forward.


The cast will stay the same for the sequel with the likes of Samuel L Jackson as Frozone, Craig T Nelson as Mr Incredible and Holly Hunter as Elastigirl.


Director of The Incredibles said ‘Advances in animation technology since 2004 has allowed them to revisit characters, making them more realistic and making them more expressive’.


The best thing about this is that not only will the movie continue where it started, but we can also re live our youth and enjoy something from our childhood, bigger and better.

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