Rachel Glittenberg New Exhibition Preview

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This coming weekend, Rachel Glittenberg will preview her new and first collection 'Some Things Must Fade Before They Can Bloom'; a series of paintings of women, who according to the artist, "are powerful yet feminine figures who demonstrate their strength in the vulnerability." 


'Some Things Must Fade Before They Can Bloom' uses a mix of the artist's imagination and elements from history and folklore to explore the meanings of being a woman in the 21st Century. "The women I paint are at ease with themselves and generally don't pay attention the viewer", says the artist. "I want my women to be challenging to look at, which is why I often paint them face on and close up, producing a feeling of intensity." 

The art exhibition will be held on Saturday 8th and Sunday 9th of December from 12 till 4 at Glittenberg's open studio in St. Leonards, where the artist will be focusing on showing different ways to use oil paint and how to find inspiration among art. "I will demonstrate a few tips I have learned along the way, from mixing colour, to using different mediums to create different effects, like impasto and glazes", says Rachel Glittenberg. 

The artist has also confirmed that 'Some Things Must Fade Before They Can Bloom' and more, will be shown next year in galleries throughout London.

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