Hastings to be one of 12 areas involved in a multi million pound education scheme

Published on by Sofi Germanos (writer)

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Hastings has been named one of 12 opportunity areas in a government scheme designed to help disadvantaged children reach their goals

MP's need to 'vote against' Brexit trigger, say Pro-EU campaigners

Published on by Crystalle Cox (writer), Crystalle Cox (photographer)

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Pro-EU campaigners ask MP’s to vote against triggering Article 50, which starts process for UK to leave EU.

Phase one of £16m Brighton Dome refurbishment open to public

Published on by Lauren Kirkland (writer)

Brighton Dome (photo: )

Brighton Dome

Brighton Dome opens the doors to its new ticket office today (Jan 17).

£1.45m bike share scheme to be running by Summer '17

Published on by Crystalle Cox (writer), Lauren Kirkland (writer)

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430 smartbikes will be available to hire across 50 location hubs from Brighton Station through to Falmer.

Letters claiming children are overweight sparks outrage among parents

Published on by Emily Williamson (author)

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Parents in East Sussex are criticising their local council after receiving letters informing them of their children's BMI, calling some 'very overweight' and 'a minority'.