Eastbourne to lose 120 jobs

Published on by Chris Dabbs (author)

Concerned Eastbourne resident (photo: )

Concerned Eastbourne resident

Debenhams closes its doors in two weeks time, after almost half a century in the town. It's one of 22 stores nationwide set to close this year, and it's closure has prompted a mixed reaction in the town with some saying that its closure

Brighton Pavilion - who to vote for?

Published on by Christina Fairhurst (author)

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The nation will flock to the polling stations in just two days... but who should you vote for here in Brighton Pavilion?

General Election 2019: Everything you need to know

Published on by Jack Oliver (author)

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On Thursday the 12th, voters across the nation will head to the polls to have their say in what could be considered one of the most crucial elections in recent times.

Controversy on the campaign trail in Brighton

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Misleading campaign slogans litter leaflets in the lead up to the snap General Election in Kemp Town.

Green Party - for the Youth of Tomorrow

Published on by Christina Fairhurst (author)

Young people are likely to vote for the Green Party in the General Elections which happening on December 12th. Young Greens are the largest youth party in the UK. This is after increased awareness about the current climate emergency.