Acid attack on two men in Hastings

Published on by Elisha Atkinson (author)

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This year has seen an alarming rise in acid attacks taking place in the UK, and on the night of Friday 13th two young men in Hastings were affected.

Local residents gearing up for annual beach clean

Published on by Jacob Kensley (author)

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Hastings autumn beach clean is just a couple of weeks away and local residents are coming together to remove the plastic from the shores.

Hastings Week Celebrations go on with a bang

Published on by Marina Turay (author)

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The spectacular torchlight procession happened on Saturday where thousands of observers turned out to see the fireworks display.

First Christian Union in two years at Hastings Campus

Published on by Laurencia Aning (author)

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Success of new society started up by local students is uncertain

Extension of High Speed rail link

Published on by Eliza-Joan Garvey (author)

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Extension of High Speed rail link could be a ‘game changer’ for the people of Hastings