Were ‘The Sex Pistols’ really what everyone thought they’d be?

Published on by Moinique Chambers (author)

Articles and flyers Barry Taylor gave to me (Monique Chambers) (photo: Monique Chambers)

Articles and flyers Barry Taylor gave to me (Monique Chambers)

Barry Taylor – the man who booked one of the greatest British bands without ever listening to their music

Childcare costs hit parents hard

Published on by Becki Shaw (author)

Hastings Family (photo: )

Hastings Family

More than a quarter of parents are considering cutting down their working hours to pay for childcare.

Hasting's Listed as Most Eco-Friendly Town in the Country

Published on by Yasmin Thomas (author), Annabel Gammack (author)

Hastings Town (photo: Yasmin Thomas)

Hastings Town

New research has found that Hastings is the most eco-friendly location with a recording of 4.2 tonnes of carbon dioxide emission per resident.

Consumers still face high tax rates after fuel price decrease

Published on by Maria Gonzalez (author), Maria Gonzalez (editor)

Fuel Pump (photo: Maria Gonzalez)

Fuel Pump

The Government are urging suppliers to bring down fuel prices at the pump but the British public still face crippling petrol tax.

Deprived area of Hastings given one million pounds

Published on by Beatrice Stapleford (author)

Hastings  (photo: Bea Stapleford )


A National lottery fund has given North East Hastings residents the chance to improve their community