The HO – HO – Holidays have officially begun.

Published on by Emma McGreivy (author), Lauren Roberts (author), Jonaqline Addai (editor)

Christmas lights turn on (photo: Emma McGreivy)

Christmas lights turn on

Hundreds of Hastings residents, young and old, gathered in Priory Meadow shopping centre this Thursday to watch Father Christmas himself switch on the town’s Christmas lights, triggering the start of the festive season.

Three is A Crowd - Increase of Riots in Prison

Published on by Rebecca Wheeler (author), Jonaqline Addai (editor)

Police Strikes (photo: Google Images)

Police Strikes

Although inmates in local prisons have remained tame this week, there have still been incidents in jails in other parts of the country.

Hastings Worst In Southern England For Alcohol Abuse

Published on by Jimmy Sexton (author), Jonaqline Addai (editor)

Life Expectancy (photo: Public Health England)

Life Expectancy

The rain isn’t the only thing slowly drowning Hastings this week. The 2016 figures for alcohol abuse in Hastings have been released and they make for sombre reading.

Children in East Sussex Lacking Financial Knowledge

Published on by Emily Williamson (author), Jonaqline Addai (author)

Money Piggy Bank (photo: Google images)

Money Piggy Bank

New research has revealed that more than a quarter of children under 12 have no experience with money.

Hastings Homeless Live 30 Years Less than Average Citizens

Article locked Published on by Darcey Haynes (author), Jonaqline Addai (editor)

Homelessness,Donations,Snowflake (photo: Darcey Haynes)


A survey by the National Health Service has revealed that the average life expectancy of women sleeping rough in Hastings is just 43 years old, with men living until 47- some 30 years shorter than that of a housed citizen.