Safety of Brighton's young population pulled into question following string of violent crime.

Published on by Jesse Williams (author)

Brighton Police Station (photo: Jesse Williams)

Brighton Police Station

BBN have been investigating the safety of students and young people in Brighton after the launch of several major police investigations into violent incidences.

Dry January: the reason for decline in pub sales

Published on by Kelly Wong (author)

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Brighton pub’s report loss in profit due to Dry January, however residents claim they’d rather drink moderately than take part.

Future of Madeira Terrace

Published on by Phoebe Doolan (author)

The stretch of Madeira Terrace Closing (photo: )

The stretch of Madeira Terrace Closing

Following a vandalism over the Christmas period, plans for the future of Madeira Terrace are in the air once again. With this unexpected financial setback, campaigners and residents were left wondering, what is next for the arches.

What Do The People Of Extinction Rebellion Do At Home?

Published on by Lisa Hall (author)

Extinction Rebellion (photo: Lisa Hall)

Extinction Rebellion

What do the people involved in Extinction Rebellion do at home to do their part in stopping the "climate crisis?"

Sustainable transport in Brighton

Published on by mariam shobowale (author)

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Brighton and Hove city council have plans to be one of the first cities in the UK to have zero-emission buses by 2030 .