Storms Batter The Coast

Published on by Meg Reeves (author)

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The Green Party urge people to think before they drive

Published on by Maria Gonzalez (author)

Petrol Station (photo: Maria Gonzalez)

Petrol Station

The price of fuel is expected to plummet down to 99p a litre after the decrease in the cost of world oil.

New Year - New Fitness Classes for Obese Teens

Published on by Iara Kaiser (author), Hope Smyth (author)

Falaise Fitness Centre (photo: Iara Kaiser and Hope Smyth)

Falaise Fitness Centre

Sport Centres across Hastings are taking drastic measures to help tackle obesity in the UK as first-hand fitness classes and gym sessions are introduced to teenagers

Hastings students petition for cheaper rail fares

Published on by Beatrice Stapleford (author)

 (photo: Beatrice Stapleford)

Hastings students are still hoping for a Unizone extension to cheapen inter campus rail fare.


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Je Suis Charlie (photo: )

Je Suis Charlie

France manhunt continues as police deal with two different hostage situations