Treatment for peanut allergy could be on the horizon.

Published on by Jade Seebaran (author)

Peanut (photo: )


People suffering with a peanut allergy may be able to eat peanuts without fear of having a reaction.

Hope For British Food Classic

Published on by Lauren Troup (author)

JD Wetherspoons' large cooked breakfast has been awarded a Best Breakfast prize.

Say no to diabetes with red wine and chocolates

Published on by Patricia Elizabeth (author)

Red wine and chocolate  (photo: )

Red wine and chocolate

British Scientist claimed that ingredients found in foods including red wine and chocolate could help prevent the development of diabetes.

"Lives could be at risk," say mental health charities

Published on by Jen McGee (author)

Daniel Wasp, University of Brighton (photo: )

Daniel Wasp, University of Brighton

Charities are warning that not enough is being done to spot early signs of mental health issues in young people.

“Doomsday scenario” will happen 10 years earlier than predicted

Published on by Patricia Elizabeth (author)

Half of the UK population is at risk of being obese by 2040.