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Let’s first start with Borough Wines, Beer and Books. Two words to describe it would be sophisticated and edgy.

Located in Robertson Street near Hastings town centre, this shop opened up a couple years ago. It went unnoticed to many who pass through Robertson Street, including myself multiple times. Enjoy a good book from the store, some art while drinking some alcohol. They also regularly host events and mini parties.



Let’s move along to Old Town, and enter the mystical and spiritual world of Golden Hands. This shop is located in George Street, selling a range of collectables and gifts. Entering this unusual shop is like entering a realm of  the supernatural and fantasy. They sell tarot cards, crystal balls, gem stones, dream catchers and figurines to name but a few. The staff is very friendly and helpful.

Further down the road from Golden Hands we have Royal Mile Armouries. Royal Mile Armouries is the only store in town that sells a variety of swords, suits of armour and other medieval era battle items. It’s a bit a pricy, but definitely worth a look.












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