Innovative or Dangerous? The Rise of the Big Breakfast

Published on by Emily Williamson (author)

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Does the rise of the 'Big Breakfast' spell doom for a healthy start to the day?

Phony Cinderellas and Prince Charmings 

Published on by Jonaqline Addai (author), Liyana Bt Mohamed Zulkifli (author)

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More and more people have turned to the digital world for their chance at their own fairy-tale story.  

2 in 3 Hastings Care Homes in Need of Improvement

Published on by Jimmy Sexton (author)

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Two out of three nursing homes in central Hastings are in urgent need of improvement, and a quarter of those, are rated ‘inadequate’ by the Care Quality Commission, their lowest possible rating. Staff shortages and quality of care in nursing homes and hospices in Hastings are at critical level and are the root of the problem, with no improvement in sight’. That’s according to staff at four care homes in Hastings who spoke to Brighton Broadcaster news.

Network Rail fined £800k after Brighton train struck worker

Published on by Sofi Germanos (author)

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Network Rail fined £800k after a worker was hit by 80mph Brighton train

Is Hastings food scene catering to the Vegan World?

Published on by Rachel Mckenzie (author)

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The health benefits pushed to change to a vegan diet are increased energy, younger looking skin and are continuing. Although it has been seen as extremist diet there are now over ½ million people in the UK following the dietary habits.