Vintage Culture in Brighton brought back to the 21st century

Published on by Jade Dowsett (author)

Vintage shop (photo: Jade Dowsett)

Vintage shop

Old Is The New New, Get Your Vintage On. Find the best vintage shops in Brighton and have Hella style.

East Sussex Council cracks down on bad attendance

Published on by Laurencia Aning (author), Bradley Moore (editor)

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The council has started a new campaign called Get a Grip to communicate to parents that there is no reason for their child to not be in class.

Government Funds Charity To Attract New Teachers To Hastings

Published on by Jessica Ubhi (author)

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A £350,000 investment has been announced to encourage professionals to switch from their current careers to become teachers.

Toby Young Resigns From Office of Students

Published on by Liam Forkes (author)

Toby Young. (photo: )

Toby Young.

Toby Young has resigned from the Office for Students this morning after backlash following tweets deemed to be offensive.

Call for 'Latte Levy" of 25p to cut disposable coffee cup waste

Published on by Alice Black (author)

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British MP's have called for "latte levy" as Environment Secretary, Michael Gove switches to sustainable.